Our Dhow Excursions


On arrival at our base camp in Bodo, we greet you with a light Swahili breakfast of ‘Mahambri’ and tea or coffee. Then we get onto our motorised open boats and head towards Ramisi River.


Here, as the mangrove forest encroaches closer and closer to your boat, you will have the opportunity to observe the different species of mangrove trees, get a chance to spot the varied species of birds and see the occassional crocodile.

Funzi Island

We then sail on our dhow to Funzi Island, where you will visit the only school on the island, see a medicine man’s workplace, a fisherman’s abode and also be warmly welcomed by the smiling inhabitants, who live as they did hundreds of years ago, with no electricity or running water.

Kinazini Island

Kinazini is the name of our small Private Island located in the shallow coastal waters between Bodo Harbour and Funzi Island. The name means “Place of the Palms” in Swahili. Our gourmet lunch includes succulent sea food fresh from the sea and our food is charcoal grilled. After lunch, you have the time to stroll on our tiny island or stretch out on the Funzi beds. If lucky, you may even see the occasional Monitor Lizard.

Sand Bank

Our next stop is the sand bank. Every day at low tide a beautiful sandbank arises out of the Indian Ocean, about 10 minutes away from Funzi Island by motorboat. The shallow waters surrounding it display an incredible variety of blues and greens and invite you for a short dip or an extended swim, whatever you are in the mood for. The sandbank offers a truly magical experience to all our guests, both young and old.

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